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"Supporting the Packaging Industry with Quality Replacement Parts"

We are very excited to introduce The Parts Cage your new source for quality replacement parts for all of your packaging equipment needs!


With over 50 combined years of experience in the packaging industry we are here to assist you with any questions that may come up.  We are able to offer the same O.E.M. parts at a very competitive price along with some fresh ideas that are sure to keep your equipment running longer.


Feel free to give us a call today and see what all the buzz is about!




Controls and Timers


Teflon Tape

and Nichrome Wire



The Parts Cage

Relays, Contactors and Timers


S.S. Mesh Belt, Sprockets and Wear Rails

We currently have 16", 20", 24" and 36" - 1/2" pitch belts for tunnels available along with 14" and 16' - 3/4" pitch belts for sealers!

Rollers, Chain and Sprockets

We now have plenty of 16" and 36" rollers in stock, with other sizes having a relatively short lead time!

Value-added Parts

Sometimes you get what you pay for! We currently stock PEER chain, known for its superiority, durability, and quality in the manufacturing process. It definitely stacks up against the current chain that your customers are using!

Our improved HD Head Return Cylinders are guaranteed to lift your seal head at a fraction of the cost!!

Try our Re-coating Service

New inserts and cutting rules can be expensive, especially

for startups or mid-sized companies. That’s why we have decided to offer a service where you or your customer can send us their used inserts and cutting rules, have them re-coated with our reinforced version of coating and sent back at a fraction of the cost of new.


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